preloader — a website where you can purchase anything for a tenth of the cost

Partner: Nika Abashidze — founder and CEO of and

Duration: 2023, April – Current

Purpose: The plan was to create an innovative website with no analogues anywhere in the world or in Georgia. On this platform, customers could utilize the auction to purchase any item for a tenth of the price.

Result: 2,000 individuals could potentially participate in the auction process at once, and the website had to be ready to manage that traffic. With the help of NOSQL DATABASES, we were able to create a system that was suitable for the website’s content because of the platform’s scalability and speed. We have developed technologies that are still innovative to the industry. In the first two months of operation, the service has already seen use from over 15,000 unique users.

Programming language: .NET 6; React/Next JS; PostgreSQL; SELINUX; MongoDB ;Redis DB/Cache; Hang fire